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On Writing Anonymously

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J.K. Rowling's second adult book flies off shelves when readers learn it's hers.

I imagine this link won't work for everyone (WSJ is behind a paywall) but the headline says it all:

JK Rowling published her most recent book under a pseudonym.

Her name on a book would bring her eight figures (regardless of quality) and yet she opted to publish anonymously.

And before you argue that she has all the money she needs, she seems to be taking great pleasure in giving it away and being able to support the causes that are important to her.

If you ever wonder why someone would choose to answer a non-controversial question on Quora anonymously, consider that sometimes it's nice to let one's work stand (or fall) on the merits.


This is for the answers that you wrote and didn...


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Quora User
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